Refractionist/Ophthalmic Assistant JAMAICA


Refractionist/Ophthalmic Assistant

Here at our growing Optometry practice in Jamaica we pride ourselves on creating an Elevated Patient Experience. This is paired with our executive team's optical experience , which has paved the way for us to expand and grow in Jamaica . We are looking for a Refractionist who is proficient in refraction and to not only deliver the Elevated Patient Experience that we demand, but to grow our business. 

This job requires individuals to have patience, manual dexterity and confidence. The basic requirements for being a Refractionist at EYEDEAL are analytical skills, mechanical aptitude, good vision, coordination and self discipline. The work ethics characterized by dedication and persistence and the ability to deal tactfully with patients are some essential qualities to be a successful Refractionist.

Job Requirements

* At least 2 Years of experience refracting patients for Optometry/Ophthalmology  

* Preferably a certified Refrationist 

* Able to relocate to Jamaica for minimum 6 months 

* Proficient in English, must be able to communicate with English speakers patients.

Phone +1 (646) 234-4738

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