The Data Entry Vendor's role is to submit credits for podcast shows, 

episodes, and notable individuals in the podcast space to the Podchaser 

In this position, you are required to research, verify, and submit accurate 
credits and creator information for podcast shows and episodes to the 
Podchaser's database, according to defined roles (eg. Host, Guest, Voice 
Actor, Writer, etc.), show information and the Podchaser team's needs. For 
this role in particular, priority is given to podcasts that have stated 
German as their primary language.

In the first week, the onboarding period begins as you learn the necessary 
tools to submit credits to the database. Instructions, guidelines and 
criteria for accepted credits and Creator Profiles are provided. 
Expectations are set for the average processing time of an episode's 
credits, leading up to a daily average and monthly benchmark. Over the 
course of 3 weeks, performance will be heavily measured until we can agree 
on an expected average assuming maximum efficiency in workflows and 

Performance is determined by the following:
- Daily credit output (with expected minimum), with log tracker to measure 
- Number of shows and episodes fully credited, prioritized by Powerscore 
(Podchaser's propietary metric to measure podcast popularity and 
performance in the ecosystem)
- Accuracy after receiving feedback from Data Moderation team.

- Fluent in written English and German
- Self-motivated and proactive mindset
- Good organization and time management skills
- Capable of writing clear, concise instructions
- Able to write and edit content in English and German
- Proficient in database maintenance
- Is a team player, but comfortable flying solo
- Knowledge of API and/or previous technical support experience is a bonus, 
but not required

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